Yoga Sequence to Confront Fears and Unleash Inner Warrior

Jivana Heyman

Jivana Heyman

Do you ever end up clenching your jaw ready for one thing dangerous to occur? Or waking up within the morning with a way of dread? Whether they arrive in small doses or big heart-stopping moments of panic, these emotions may be traced again to worry, which could be debilitating, producing a gnawing nervousness that sucks the enjoyment out of life.

In my life, one notably fearful time stands out: main up to the second I advised my mom I used to be homosexual. I used to be 17 and confused. I’d discovered myself dwelling a secret life and not sharing it together with her. Speaking my fact was a serious victory, and it made me perceive much more how worry had been ruling my life.

Those of us who’re marginalized have a tendency to internalize our oppression, which may manifest as worry. During this time in my life, I used to be terrified of being totally different and of being excluded from society—tossed out like rubbish. Mostly, I feared disappointing my mom. My self-worth was so intimately tied to what she considered me.

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