Why Wear a White Turban in Kundalini? 4 Head Coverings to Consider


Walk into any Kundalini Yoga class and also you’ll probably see many college students with white scarves and turbans tied round their heads. Head coverings are worn as an expression of religion in many spiritual and religious traditions, together with Islam, Christianity and Sikhism. Kundalini Yoga, a apply rooted in Sikh Dharma, borrows sure traditions from this religion, corresponding to chanting mantra, early morning sadhana (practice), not slicing physique hair, and sporting turbans, amongst different issues. Head coverings in Kundalini Yoga are totally optionally available, however this is why you may contemplate sporting one. 

1. Covering the top focuses the power on the third eye.

Yogi Bhajan, the daddy of Kundalini Yoga in the West, emphasised the significance of head coverings throughout apply as a means to focus and include your power and make clear your ideas, creating a meditative focus at your third eye or Ajna Chakra.

2. A snugly-tied turban creates a pure cranial adjustment. 

According to the know-how of Kundalini, a tightly tied turban stabilizes the various tiny bones in the cranium, which have an effect on our neurological system and electromagnetic subject. Proponents declare that a mild strain on the skull offers a sense of calm and wellbeing.

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