Weight Loss Transforms Man Into Disney Prince Look-Alike

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  • 26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall is getting consideration on Instagram for his Disney Prince appears
  • After dropping 70 kilos, the long-haired Connecticut man is now a lifeless ringer for Prince Charming
  • Kendall, who does plenty of yoga, says exercise has helped him cope with the stress in his life

    A 26-year-old from Connecticut is getting loads of consideration on social media for his uncanny resemblance to a Disney prince. Check out that lengthy, luscious hair and powerful jaw — the man is a real doppelgänger for Prince Charming.

    But it wasn’t all the time this manner for Jeffrey Kendall. Over the final yr, he’s gone via an enormous bodily transformation — with out the assistance of a fairy godmother. After realizing he was depressed and obese whereas caring for his ailing mom, Kendall began understanding and ended up dropping 70 kilos.

    Jeffrey Kendall


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    In 2015, Kendall’s mom suffered a mind aneurysm, which required him to maneuver residence to assist take care of her.

    “Winter came, holidays came,” he informed “I started gaining all the weight back, and then in early 2016, I was at an all-time high for weight and an all-time low for self-esteem.”

    “I used to be at an all-time excessive for weight and an all-time low for vanity.”

    Kendall, who performed sports activities all through his childhood, stated he felt misplaced. Then, a good friend who was going by means of his personal heartache after breaking apart together with his girlfriend walked within the door.

    “He asked if I could help him work out, and maybe if we could both do something together,” Kendall recalled. “So we got together and we worked out with the barbell and just did some push-ups and tried to get a full day of exercise in. Since then, it’s just been little steps.”

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    Those little steps have led Kendall to not solely lose 70 kilos, but in addition turn into an Instagram sensation together with his new Disney prince seems to be.

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    “You look like prince Eric from the little mermaid with short hair,” one Instagram commenter wrote.

    “You should totally rock up at Disney, they will immediately hire you for sure,” one other added.

    “It’s the most flattering compliment,” Kendall stated of the Disney prince comparisons. If you’re questioning how he retains that lengthy hair wanting so healthy and glossy, he stated all of it comes right down to Head and Shoulders shampoo $8.79, Buy It Here and Pantene Pro V conditioner $6.99, Buy It Here.

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    To lose the weight, Kendall stored issues extremely easy.

    “I just got done doing a little 30 minute weight lifting circuit. I do that probably about once a week just to kind of check in with my muscles,” he stated. And as a result of the climate is lastly getting a bit of nicer alongside the East Coast, Kendall stated he’s getting outdoors to do a little bit of cardio, together with operating and strolling, a number of days every week.

    Kendall additionally takes outing of every single day to follow yoga, which has many well-known benefits for guys. “I Love Yoga with Adrienne, for Yoga,” Kendall stated of his favourite YouTube yoga channel. “She’s super positive and helps a lot with the self-love and self-esteem.”

    As for his food plan, Kendall stated he kicks off his day with a protein shake. Besides that, “I attempt to eat about 200 to 300 energy under my upkeep, as a result of I am nonetheless making an attempt to lose a pair additional kilos, however I need to do it fairly slowly,” he stated. (Here are six simple steps to losing weight by counting calories.)

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    And whereas a brand new look is nice, Kendall stated he’s extra inquisitive about his new lease on life.

    “Working out just helped me deal with a lot of stress and emotion,” he stated. “It helps get your thoughts away from no matter it’s that’s nagging at you. At the top of it, you are feeling higher about your self, and should you stick with it, you begin to see modifications.

    “It brings about a new confidence, which will help you see the world in a new light.”

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