Weight loss of 22 kgs! My obsession with losing weight quickly made me commit these 9 dangerous mistakes

When Mumbai-based Naomi Nathan was 19, all she needed was to get skinny like her associates. Her heavy body brought on her so much of stress. At 5’, she weighed 68kgs. Like most youngsters, Naomi had developed an inferiority complicated about her weight, posture and her appears. Tired of taunts about her weight by her household and buddies, Naomi needed immediate weight loss. She was so obsessed with losing weight quickly that she instantly began sweating out within the health club and drastically modified her food regimen. Little did she know that her quest to lose weight quickly would make her commit life-threatening mistakes. Within 1.5 years, Naomi misplaced 22 kgs! Obviously, Naomi confronted the results of such speedy weight loss. Today, Naomi weighs a healthy 55 kgs, is common with her exercises and eats healthful meals all through the day. But she continues to be recovering from these weight loss mistakes she needs she hadn’t executed. Here are some of these:

1) I assumed losing weight was all about understanding as a lot as potential. So I went overboard with my gymming. I might run for about 1.5 hours day by day and spend hours within the fitness center. My weight had come right down to 45 kgs then however what I had truly misplaced was muscle. I wouldn’t even let my physique recuperate from the heavy-duty training I used to be doing. What’s worse was that I wouldn’t carry out any of the exercises correctly, within the right type. As a end result, I developed a number of aches and pains all through my physique.

Before weight loss
Before weight loss

2) I massively reduce down on food. I decreased the amount by greater than half. I gave up oily and fried meals utterly and even non-vegetarian food. I assumed turning into a vegetarian would assist me lose weight quickly. So I gave up on the whole lot nutritious together with hen, eggs and fish. I used to be poor in protein (important for muscle constructing) after my heavy exercises. (Read: Here is how to increase protein in Indian food.)

Naomi at 45 kgs
Naomi at 45 kgs

three) I loaded up on tofu and soy to be able to meet my protein requirement. I began experiencing large hormonal points together with irregular durations. My physician warned me towards consuming soy and soy merchandise. (Read: How soy can cause kidney stones, hamper men’s sexual health and adversely affect thyroid function.

four) I gave up ghee as a result of I assumed it was dangerous for health as a result of it was fattening. In actuality, ghee is useful for intestinal micro organism, it promotes the health of digestive tract, prevents constipation and helps weight loss. (Read: Ghee derived from grass-fed cows contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), which helps in weight loss.

5) I used to search for fast weight loss tips on social media. Apple cider vinegar has been touted as a miracle weight loss treatment. But once I had apple cider vinegar I didn’t see any distinction. In reality, my physician requested me to cease having apple cider vinegar commonly as a result of it was interfering with my already current hormonal points.

After weight loss
After weight loss

6) I strictly prevented coconut oil as a result of I assumed it will make me fats. The reality is that coconut oil has many health benefits– it aids weight loss, digestion and coronary heart health, boosts immunity and maintains blood strain.

7) I might run for lengthy stretches on an empty abdomen as a result of I assumed I might lose extra weight. With no food in my physique, I might have very much less power and therefore would get exhausted extra quickly. This would make me really feel drained all day and in addition hamper my general productiveness. Exercising on an empty stomach is a nasty concept.

eight) Another social media craze I made a decision to comply with was that of consuming a number of cups of inexperienced tea to lose weight. But this didn’t assist me. I felt just like the inexperienced tea solely decreased my water weight. Nothing else. This is what happens when you have too much green tea.

9) My weight fluctuation, improper weight loss plan, hormonal points and haphazard exercising additionally made me fall sick actually because my immunity had hit an all-time low. When I might fall sick, I might skip exercises after which once more achieve weight. This turned a vicious circle.

Image supply: Naomi Nathan

Published: November 23, 2017 11:38 am | Updated:November 23, 2017 12:31 pm

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