Veterans Yoga Project comes to Sun and Moon

ARLINGTON, Va. – Friday afternoon Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington hosted the Veterans Yoga Project, a non-profit’s three-day collection on yoga for veterans recovering from PTSD.

Veterans Yoga Project certifies yoga instructors in medical and neuroscientific information about PTSD and its remedy by means of yoga. Founder Daniel Libby says it is necessary to modify courses to veterans’ wants, like positioning instructors close to the doorway.

“If I pay attention to the subtle, unconscious threat and safety cues in the environment,” stated Libby, “I can make it easier for somebody to dip into those practices and make those practices useful.”

By positioning himself by the door, Libby hopes his college students battling PTSD won’t subconsciously concentrate to the exit.

“There are ways to practice and share these tools that are going to be most effective for those individuals as they progress through that recovery,” stated Libby. 

The nonprofit has a whole lot of licensed instructors throughout the nation.


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