Try This Lower-Body Strength Yoga Sequence for Stable Legs

Want to up-level your move? In Focused Vinyasa: 11 Fresh Sequences and Drills to Advance Your Practice, Irene Pappas, cofounder of Bodhi Yoga Boulder, hits pause at key educating moments in your vinyasa to interrupt difficult poses down into strikes you’ll be able to follow and grasp. Learn more and sign up today!

Within the previous decade, many various types of yoga and motion have influenced Irene Pappas’s apply and educating. “I began with weightlifting, then discovered Rocket and Ashtanga yoga, and ultimately added in gymnastics-style power training and calisthenics,” she says. Her educating incorporates ideas from every of those motion types right into a yogasana-based movement designed to construct power and enhance mobility.

This artistic sequence from Pappas consists of her favourite squats and leg lifts inside a vinyasa move, however every transfer may also be practiced by itself. She likes to heat up with a couple of minutes of sunshine cardio and a wrist routine, however she says you can even begin with some Sun Salutations and even only a Downward-Facing Dog.

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This apply is supposed to be a problem, so don’t get discouraged should you discover it troublesome. “You might not be able to do all of these exercises the first time you try them— I definitely couldn’t,” Pappas says. “The first step is committing your mind to doing the hard work, and the physical strength will follow!”

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