This Is How the Planes of Movement Can Help You Identify Imbalances in Your Body

Understanding the three anatomical planes of motion (sagittal, coronal, and transverse) might help you acknowledge patterns and imbalances in your physique, permitting you to maneuver with extra intention—in your yoga follow and past.


As yogis, most of us need to perceive how we transfer—and as we develop into extra conscious, we head down a path towards much more curiosity and self-awareness. I see this evolution in my college students all the time. The first spark—perhaps somebody realizes she’s tighter in her left hip than in her proper—is usually revelatory. Soon after, this scholar might discover that as a result of of the tightness, she favors her proper aspect. Then she might uncover it’s inflicting her again ache. With every discovery this scholar makes about her motion, she turns into extra acutely aware, inquisitive, and, finally, extra educated about herself. 

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