The Business of Yoga: How Y7 Went From a Pop-Up to a 10-Studio Yoga Business in 5 Years

y7 studio

Learn how Y7 turned such a profitable yoga enterprise.

When I feel of yoga, 50 Cent and Nelly don’t precisely come to thoughts. (Though fascinating aspect observe: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson reportedly tried yoga once—and located it method more durable than he anticipated it’d be).

Yet “50 Cent vs. Nelly” was the theme of the Hip Hop Wednesday class I lately took at one of Y7 Studio’s latest and largest studios in New York City’s Meatpacking District—and the founder of this fast-growing yoga studio chain advised me their music choices are a huge purpose why Y7 has gone from a pop-up to a 10-studio enterprise in simply 5 years. (They’re additionally slated to open yet one more studio in NYC this fall, and have plans to increase the model nationally to new markets, together with Chicago and San Francisco.)

“Music is such a powerful motivator, and we utilize that to get through the more challenging parts of class, says Y7 Founder/CEO Sarah Larson Levey, 31, a former fashion executive. “Our clients are able to lose themselves in the music and clear their minds of negative thoughts associated with the physical challenge of the asana,” she says. “We play everything from instrumentals to hip-hop to pop to EDM to electronic music. Each instructor has their own style, and we want them to showcase the music they love.”

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