Tantric Breathing Practice to Merge Shiva and Shakti and Achieve Oneness


Contrary to widespread perception, tantra isn’t just a sexual apply, however moderately a system of yoga that accepts all: female and masculine, mild and shadow. There is not any good or dangerous in tantra; there simply is. It is a apply of full acceptance and embodiment. The aim of tantra is to merge Shiva (masculine power) and Shakti (female power). Shiva is the place all information comes from, whereas Shakti is the drive of manifestation. 

“When they separate, duality begins,” explains Sarah Platt-Finger, co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, who co-led a current workshop on tantra at Yoga Journal Live together with her husband, Alan Finger. “When they merge, there’s oneness, also called samadhi. This is the state past time, form, type, and id. It is the state of yoga.” 

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Understanding Shiva and Shakti

Whether we determine as male or feminine, all of us have Shiva and Shakti power inside us. Shiva is situated on the prime of our heads (crown chakra), whereas Shakti is situated within the base of our spines (root chakra). When Shakti strikes up the physique from orgasm, Shakti strikes again to Shiva and we entry perception, inspiration, and common intelligence,” Platt-Finger explains.

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