Should Runners Take Collagen Supplements?

Collagen appears to be all over the place these days, serving as the newest complement craze for runners. The creators of some collagen dietary supplements are claiming it improves joint, pores and skin and bone health. We requested Jamie Sheahan, M.S., R.D., out of Vermont to inform us extra concerning the in style complement so each runner could make an knowledgeable determination about whether or not or not they need to use it.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein present in connective tissue within the physique. That means it’s a key element of muscular tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments. I consider it because the glue that holds our physique collectively. Many consider it because it pertains to magnificence merchandise as a discount in collagen, as age causes our pores and skin to lose elasticity. We can eat collagen within the type of animal merchandise, however our our bodies additionally make collagen from amino acids and different vitamins.

How can it be useful to runners?

Because collagen is essential for constructing tissues which might be essential for runners, many consider collagen supplementation can profit efficiency. Many additionally consider collagen will help lower joint ache that’s typically related to impression exercise, like operating. However, there are few well-designed research on the efficacy of collagen in enhancing bone or joint health.

Do you advocate collagen dietary supplements to your shoppers?

I don’t advocate collagen to my shoppers and don’t personally take it as a complement. I solely advocate dietary supplements once I can level to a strong physique of scientific literature supporting health and efficiency claims, and as of proper now, the proof simply isn’t there to justify collagen supplementation for athletes.

Is there a sure inhabitants that might profit from supplementation?

Studies have proven that collagen supplementation might enhance joint ache and swelling for these with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, the newest research on collagen supplementation and RA have discovered it solely to be efficient in relieving ache within the brief time period and the consequences possible won’t final longterm.

What, if any, are the drawbacks to taking these dietary supplements?

Other than the potential for an allergic response, there are not any critical unwanted side effects to supplementation. Some reported unwanted side effects embrace nausea, gastrointestinal misery and complications. Vegans and vegetarians ought to be conscious that many collagen dietary supplements are derived from animals.

Is there a sure model, dosage or standards to search for?

Individuals can get sufficient collagen by consuming quite a lot of nutrient-dense entire meals. If one prefers to eat a complement, then it actually comes down to non-public choice with regard to powder versus capsule versus liquid, etcetera. The factor to concentrate on when utilizing any collagen-based product is the addition of different components, just like the added sugar you’d probably discover in a collagen bar.

In your opinion, why is collagen having a second proper now?

I feel collagen has garnered consideration as the brand new “it” food because of the Paleo weight-reduction plan craze. For so lengthy, animal merchandise have been shunned by dieters–then the Paleo weight loss plan got here alongside and made it not solely acceptable to eat meat, however inspired.

The weight loss plan touts collagen as a pseudo silver bullet that may do every part from easing joint ache to decreasing wrinkles and indicators of getting older. With guarantees like that and loads of A-list celebrities singing its praises, it’s no marvel collagen is having a second within the highlight. But like so many “super” meals earlier than it, the claims are exaggerated and months from now we could have moved on to a different fashionable food. Remember when kale was a factor? Someday we will probably be saying that about collagen.


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