Quarter-Life Crisis Sequence: Yoga for 20-Somethings

1. Trust life: There is an intelligence to life itself, and a part of being 20-something is daring to trust the method and the unfolding of your life. Don’t fear about seeing the top of the street. The apply is to savor as many moments as attainable alongside the best way, as you learn to skillfully interact and experience the waves. Honor the place you’re, relatively than the place you’re going. Remember, there’ll all the time be elements of life that might be hid to you—that’s a part of what makes life so candy!

Posture 1: Baddha Konasana

1. Begin in a seated position, with the soles of your ft collectively and knees unfold vast. If your again is rounded on this place, place a cushion or blanket beneath your hips.

2. Bring each arms to your ft, or place a strap round your ft.

three. Lengthen your spine, interact your abdominals and externally rotate your shoulders and higher arms.

four. As you proceed to elongate and strengthen the torso, press your knees towards the bottom or blocks, the crown of your head upward and press the soles of the ft collectively.

5. Breathe deeply, in by way of the nostril and out by means of the mouth. Then permit the breath to enter right into a three-part breath. Stay right here for a couple of moments, and switch the eye inward as you say to your self “I trust the unfolding of my life”. 

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