Prenatal Yoga Practice to Relieve Pain, Enhance Mobility, and Restructure Fascia

Prenatal yoga instructor Allie Geer demonstrates a self-myofascial launch follow to relieve rigidity and ache throughout pregnancy and improve mobility.


During my pregnancy, each morning introduced on a brand new problem for my physique. I awakened feeling tight in areas that I by no means knew have been restricted. I felt ache and stiffness from mendacity able for too lengthy throughout sleep. I felt instability in my joints; a results of relaxin, the hormone secreted throughout pregnancy that relaxes the ligaments across the pelvis. Adding self-myofascial release (SMR) to my common yoga apply introduced me a lot aid from ache and pressure each day, and enhanced my mobility.

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What Is Self-Myofascial Release?

Self-myofascial launch (SMR) is a apply that comes with using specialised myofascial launch balls to goal the set off factors on the physique, selling a way of mobility, launch, and restructuring of fascia or connective tissue.  

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Fascia is one steady connection of tissue that exists within the physique from head to toe. It connects, protects, fills area, communicates, and interrelates to the whole lot inside the physique. Fascia additionally tends to get restricted or wound tight, and in some instances might even trigger ache within the physique. This can have many antagonistic results. Mobility is the important thing to sustaining optimum health in our tissues. Whether or not you’re pregnant, SMR improves vary of movement and circulation, relieves ache, and encourages rest. 

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