Master Padmasana in 6 Steps


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Padma = Lotus · asana = pose
Lotus Pose

Benefits: Opens your hips; helps redirect apana (downward power) by means of the decrease half of your physique, shifting it again towards the middle of your pelvis and up your backbone; has a centering impact on consciousness. 

Instructions: Master Padmasana (Lotus Pose) in 6 Steps

1. Sit on the ground together with your pelvis in a mild posterior tilt and your knees bent, separated, and resting in a simple crossed place (proper leg on prime). 

2. Hold your proper calf with each palms, and rotate your tibia (shinbone) away from you (laterally). Keeping that rotation, shut your knee by drawing your proper heel towards your navel.

three. Extend by way of your proper foot in plantar flexion (toes urgent down). Place your proper foot into the crease of your left hip, and attain by means of your proper femur (thighbone) in order that your proper knee strikes down towards the ground. 

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