Kundalini 101: The Meaning of Sat Nam


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You might have chanted Sat Nam, one probably the most generally used mantras in Kundalini Yoga, with out realizing its profound which means and transformative properties. In the traditional Sikh language referred to as Gurmukhi, Sat means fact. Nam means identify. Together, Sat Nam primarily interprets into one thing deeper: “I am truth,” or “Truth is my essence.”

Sat Nam is called a bija (seed) mantra—a one-syllable sound that prompts the chakras. “It is small and potent. Great things grow from it,” stated Yogi Bhajan, who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the United States in 1968. “If it isn’t written in your future to be with God and know your larger consciousness, this mantra engraves it in your future.”

Sat Nam is sort of a seed that begins to germinate inside of you. The vibration of a mantra shifts us on an atomic degree. In specific, the vibration of Sat Nam initiates the journey to selfhood. Individual fact and common fact turn out to be one and the identical.

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