Kriya Yoga: How to Use Tapas to Fearlessly Face Change

There’s no denying it: change is horrifying. In half 5 of this kriya yoga collection, yoga instructor Laura Riley shares a 5-step course of for utilizing tapas to embrace the inevitable for inner progress.


It’s an age-old query: Can individuals change? The actuality is, sure, actually, you possibly can’t cease your self from altering. You are regularly reworking, second to second, day to day, it doesn’t matter what you do. Change is inevitable. Once you settle for this fact, maybe the larger questions are: Why do you have to change? What do you have to change? When do you have to change? And how do you have to change? 

Change via motion and energy

Tapas, the third of Patanjali’s niyamas—actions which might be a part of healthy, fulfilling dwelling—is derived from the Sanskrit verb faucet, “to burn.” It refers to the self-discipline of burning away impurities. This makes it sound like there’s something incorrect with you. There isn’t. But in case you’re in tune together with your emotions, they will sign whenever you want to slough off the outer layer of your self. Next time you’re feeling insecure, defensive, or apathetic, some tapas is probably going so as.

But why—why change? On some degree, it doesn’t matter since you can’t assist however to change. So a greater query then is how are you going to change in a approach that serves you?

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