Josh Summers’s Yin Meditation for More Compassion and Kindness

Yin Meditation with Josh Summers

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If meditating looks like another process on a to-do record, I’ve a meditation to share that has nothing to do with “doing.” But earlier than I reveal how this meditation permits you to be, and not do, let’s start with Yin and Yang Theory from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

Yin qualities embrace receptivity, allowance, tolerance, reflection, and passivity. Yang qualities embrace doing, directing, enhancing, attaining, controlling, and turning into. Nothing on the planet is inherently Yin or Yang; issues are solely extra Yin or Yang in relationship to one thing else. Both qualities are important; neither is superior. When we perceive this relationship, we will promote stability and concord.

Even so, normally, our tradition favors and rewards Yang traits. Our bosses like our capacity to get issues accomplished and obtain. That’s how we get bonuses, promotions, and recognition. In flip, our Yang aspect is overly pumped, inflicting stress, whereas our Yin aspect is undernourished.

Yang Meditation: “Dear meditator, do this with your mind”

It’s no shock, then, that society additionally values Yang types of meditation that emphasize controlling and directing your thoughts and consideration. It might be that you simply give attention to breath, sensations within the physique, a mantra, or a candle’s flame. Sometimes it’s known as “structured” meditation, in that you simply comply with a protocol, blueprint, or map to handle your expertise. When you end up distracted, in misery, or confused, you don’t have to fret about what to do as a result of the Yang meditation instruction makes the selection for you. Often Yang types have the specific intention of manufacturing states of calm, peace, serenity, love, compassion, and quietude—apparently, all Yin qualities. For individuals who like construction and order, Yang meditation is interesting.

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