How Practicing Ishvara Pranidhana Can Help You Get in Touch with Your Feelings

In half 6 of this kriya yoga collection, yoga instructor Laura Riley presents easy practices for surrendering to like—in order to really feel every thing else.

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When I used to be about 15 years previous my mom learn a Deepak Chopra guide and advised me that love was all about give up, or one thing like that. Red flags went up, alarm bells went off. I dismissed this concept totally and shortly, with solely a little bit of thought that went one thing like this: If you give up to somebody, how are you going to inform whether or not they’re surrendering to you? And in the event that they don’t, gained’t you be in a harmful place the place they will benefit from you when you’re vast open? No thanks, no give up.

Surrender felt threatening. I used to be scared, and nonetheless am typically, of the shortage of management that comes once we really launch our resistance to the movement of life. But this lack of management is current whether or not we settle for it or not. Surrender is in opposition to regulate. It isn’t, nevertheless, at odds with taking motion and having company in our lives. We can, and will, take actions and make selections that permit us to really feel ready and protected to give up. Then, we should give up.

Practice Surrender with Ishvara Pranidhana

Ishvara pranidhana is the final element of kriya yoga (the others being svadhyaya, or self-study, and tapas, or effort). It might be translated as give up to the divine, but in addition understood as give up to the very best high quality you include and want to embody. For many people, that is love.

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