How Mary Beth LaRue Is Embracing Life’s Uncertainties

Becoming a mum or dad includes all types of massive selections and questions. Sometimes “I don’t know” is the guiding reply.


The second I get up, I pad down the steps and stand within the nursery. Light floods in via the window over the crib. I look on the Ganesha statues and elephants I’ve nestled in each potential nook in hopes of eradicating a number of the unseen obstacles that little question lay earlier than us.

I’ll turn into a mother within the coming weeks. Like most new moms, I’m nesting and excited and scared. Though in contrast to most new mothers, this baby is just not with me now. I haven’t had headphones on my rising stomach, sending early good vibes from Van Morrison. I haven’t felt any kicks. I haven’t seen any positive indicators of there you’re.

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