How a Sattvic (Pure) Diet Brings You Into Balance + 2 Ayurvedic Recipes


In Ayurveda, consuming a sattvic food regimen is a approach to promote, and hold, sattva—a clear head area of fact, contentment, and stability.

You can get there by consuming extra recent, native meals; being considerate about the way you put together them; and sitting right down to take pleasure in them. This approach of consuming could be a companion to your yoga follow and should provide help to take note of how meals make you are feeling—not simply in your intestine, however in your coronary heart—and the way they will have an effect on your temper.

What Is a Sattvic (Pure) Diet?

When you comply with a sattvic food plan, you eat meals that in Ayurveda are thought-about to have greater frequencies to assist domesticate a greater thoughts that comprehends deep truths and a sort of religious contentment—whereas staying grounded sufficient to hold on. A food’s frequency, or power, comes from how it’s grown, its freshness, preparation, and the way it’s loved. High-frequency meals which might be filled with prana (life drive) are vegetarian, natural, non-GMO, and straight from the farm or backyard; they’re ready mindfully and eaten slowly. Low-frequency meals (that are canned, frozen, fried, or out of a field) are restricted or prevented.

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