Heart-Opening Yoga | 7 Poses to Open Your Shoulders and Heart

Looking to improve your posture? Grab these two blocks and try this yoga sequence from Kristin Calabria.

Looking to enhance your posture? Grab these two blocks and do this yoga sequence from Kristin Calabria.

Modern life is taking us into the other state of open-heartedness. We sit at desks, stare into screens, and sort all day lengthy, spending a variety of time hunched over our telephones or units. And whereas we might imagine that is solely negatively affecting our posture, many yogis (myself included!) consider it’s additionally making us closed off to the world and much less compassionate.

For many people, the one time we take into consideration altering our hunched-over, closed-hearted methods is throughout a yoga class. Heart-opening yoga poses are lovely, and additionally they encourage us to be extra compassionate and current in our lives.

I designed this mini-sequence to assist you delve deeper into mobilizing your thoracic backbone and shoulders, which in flip, will depart you feeling awake, open-hearted, and prepared to greet the complete expertise of this life.

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