Decoding Sutra 3.1: Fixing Your Mind in One Place

Yoga sutra

Practice creating your focus by way of yoga. 

As interpreted by Lucienne Vidah

“Concentration is the fixing of the mind in one place.”
(Desa bandha cittasya dharana)

Fixing your thoughts in one place can present steadiness throughout occasions of turmoil and deep unhappiness. This sort of focus, referred to as dharana, is the sixth limb of yoga. It’s akin to focusing a digital camera lens on one thing particular: At first, the thing in entrance of the lens seems blurry, however steadily it’s introduced into focus till it’s sharp. In the follow of asana, you possibly can focus your lens on a selected place or space (desa) of your physique, akin to your eyes, navel, or coronary heart. This self-discipline helps middle your thoughts, permitting it to settle into stillness and discover readability—even on notably tough days.

Recently I used to be confronted with the passing of an expensive colleague and pal. She was a sort, lovely, and devoted Iyengar Yoga instructor who, a few yr earlier, had discovered she had an aggressive sort of most cancers. In the months after her analysis, she taught yoga courses intermittently between her chemotherapy remedies. We talked commonly after class in the academics’ dressing room, and she or he was fairly open concerning the chemo progress and setbacks.

Despite all she was going by way of, she remained upbeat. I observed that she was taking extra time to speak to her college students after class, which I actually admired. She wore trendy head scarves, and when her hair began to develop again, I marveled at her new, hip, cropped coiffure. She was 54 years previous, but appeared 20 years youthful—which made her demise much more troublesome to fathom.

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