Decoding Sutra 2.11: Obstacles Can Be Overcome Through Meditation

Patanjali notes that every klesha (obstacles to the trail of yoga) might be overcome by means of meditation. Abhinivesha (the worry of dying) is the final klesha, and it’s one that may be notably troublesome to overcome. I struggled with abhinivesha on a chilly night time in 1993, when my beloved spouse, Savitri, was dying of a persistent sickness. All her techniques have been failing, and docs had given up hope. I sat beside her mattress, holding her head in my arms. A deep internal worry began to grab me. I prayed. I prayed exhausting. She might barely converse a phrase, her breath was failing, her pores and skin was turning blue, her eyelids have been fluttering, and her limbs have been as limp as moist rags. Was she actually going to die at age 30, within the prime of her youth? No, I assumed, redoubling my efforts to carry on to her tightly.

She took a pointy breath and groaned in a labored whisper. I bent near her mouth to listen to her tender phrases. In an agonizing try to talk, she moaned, “Let … me … go. Love … me … let … me … go.”

Let her go? My ego was struggling. I used to be utterly averse to the thought of letting go of management. Would she die if I let her go? I began to meditate deeply. Abhinivesha crept in. I continued meditating. Then, I slowly realized that I had no management. Conquering demise was past my grasp. With a heavy coronary heart, I took some deep breaths and gently pulled away from her. She was proper. I needed to let go of my vanity—my attachment to her.

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