Common Myths About Weight Loss

Learn more about common weight loss myths and facts.

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Trying to lose weight? Looking for a food plan that basically works? Hoping for a routine you possibly can truly keep on with for the long run? You’re not alone. With so many assets claiming to offer useful weight loss tips, it may be robust to separate reality from fiction.

Here are some widespread weight loss myths and details to dispel them. Remember to seek the advice of your physician earlier than making any main way of life or food regimen modifications.

Truth from Fiction: Discussing Common Weight Loss Myths and Facts

Myth: Eating at night time prevents you from dropping weight.

Fact: The concept right here is that your physique gained’t have time to burn off any energy you eat proper earlier than mattress. But what time you eat doesn’t matter almost as a lot as what you eat. Your physique burns energy 24/7 so consuming earlier than mattress doesn’t essentially have an effect on weight loss.

The drawback, MIT Medical explains, is that nighttime snacks have a tendency to incorporate unhealthy processed or quick meals which might be handy or fulfill cravings. People who snack earlier than mattress additionally are likely to pay much less consideration to portion management as a result of they eat whereas watching TV or learning. In these instances, consuming earlier than mattress can hinder weight loss.

Myth: You can lose weight successfully with out exercising should you’re consuming proper.

Fact: If you need to lose weight and maintain it off, you should keep a balanced routine of healthy consuming and exercise. Here’s one of many key details about weight loss: The solely strategy to lose weight is to burn extra energy than you eat. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, that usually includes common exercise all through the week, not simply consuming extra veggies.

Myth: The in style diets you see marketed are the easiest way to lose weight.

Fact: Not solely can fad diets do your physique extra hurt than good, there’s additionally no one-size-fits-all answer to weight loss. The American Academy of Family Physicians warns towards collaborating in quick-fix fad diets as a result of:

  • Losing weight too shortly isn’t healthy and doubtless gained’t final;
  • Many fad diets allow you to shed extra water weight, however don’t burn fats or assist construct muscle; and
  • Restrictive food mixtures that restrict your meal decisions don’t all the time present the balanced nutrition your physique must thrive.

The Academy recommends consulting together with your physician to create a custom-made weight loss plan that takes into consideration issues just like the kinds of fat and sugars you’re consuming, portion sizes, and methods to remain lively.

Myth: Skipping meals will assist me lose weight.

Fact: According to NHS England, skipping meals is definitely detrimental to your health and fitness as a result of it may end up in nutrient deficiencies. It can even result in extra snacking on fatty and sugary meals, which may trigger weight achieve.

Myth: I can lose weight if I drink extra water.

Fact: Water doesn’t make you lose weight. But consuming loads of water is important for a healthy physique. It can even make it easier to keep away from mistaking thirst for starvation.

Weight loss myths don’t should derail your progress. For professional recommendation about managing your weight, contact Nutrition Services at UPMC.


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