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Cholesterol, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s–why Western Medicine gets it wrong

“Almost any edible wild inexperienced is richer in nutritional vitamins than home lettuce. Table lettuce is to wild lettuce what the Protestant’s grape juice is to Christ’s blood, and performs an identical position. Part of us nonetheless is aware of we’d like the Wild Redeemer. –Dale Pendell, Pharmako/poeia

The ignorance of docs within the Western Medicine system of care by no means ceases to amaze me. They will put an individual on blood strain drugs, or worse, statin medicine—and demand, regardless of research after research, coronary heart assault after coronary heart assault—that you should proceed to take these meds for the remainder of your life. They refuse to take heed to any suggestion of dietary intervention or leading edge analysis that clearly show pure approaches which are far simpler and haven’t any unwanted side effects. Medical faculties nonetheless fail to teach college students about nutrition, way of life modifications, and epigenetics—selecting as an alternative to depend on artificial medicine.

The similar Creator who provides animals intuition, and people a mind first gave us nature. Why would our Creator put us right here solely to allow us to die of hunger? Plants are designed to be food and subsequently, gasoline to maintain life on Earth. Fuel given by the Creator can’t be patented and subsequently—is of no curiosity to pharmaceutical firms. Plants have intelligence to work with the physique to normalize perform. Drugs haven’t any Spirit, no intelligence, and easily substitute a capsule for a perform. A blood strain capsule lowers blood strain. It all the time lowers blood strain. Hawthorn and Cayenne, against this, dilate blood vessels, which work together with your physique to regulate the strain inside them to deliver your physique again into stability or homeostasis. While some medicine include the “active ingredient” remoted from crops, they lack the intelligence and Spirit that may solely be derived naturally. It’s type of like asking Michaelangelo to color a Sistine Chapel fresco blindfolded. While his arm might unfold the paint—his eyes and soul give it life.

Most individuals don’t want an auto mechanic to know an vehicle wants gasoline, within the type of gasoline, to carry out. They additionally perceive the significance of excellent oil or the engine will smoke and burn.

Somewhere alongside the road, we have been programmed to consider that oil, within the type of saturated fats, was dangerous for us. Low fats diets and ldl cholesterol decreasing medicine have been supposed to guard us from coronary heart illness, diabetes and weight problems—however they didn’t as a result of they have been based mostly upon defective science. Just like the car instance above, human beings want good oil within the type of saturated fats. Otherwise the human physique will smoke and burn from irritation—a serious explanation for most illness.

Coconut oil has been the newest recipient of demonization by the medical savants and mainstream media. But the precise reverse is true. Coconut oil improves reminiscence and cognition in 50% of people that take it, in accordance with Dr. Mary Newport (useful resource under). Dr. Newport has studied, lectured, and authored books about Alzheimer’s based mostly upon her expertise together with her husband and the superb outcomes she achieved.

Despite spending 84.four billion dollars during the last eight years on Alzheimer’s illness, analysis exhibits that the teams given placebos did higher than the precise remedy teams. If you perceive how the mind works on the mobile degree, and what vitamins it requires to perform optimally, you’ll be able to simply perceive why.

Glucose is the one gasoline the mind can use. But glucose requires insulin to ship it into the mind cells. In Alzheimer’s, the frontal lobe of the mind turns into insulin resistant and insulin poor —inflicting some to label Alzheimer’s “Type 3 Diabetes”. In diabetes, the cells are literally ravenous as a result of regardless that the sugar is excessive within the bloodstream—it can’t get into the cells to be burned for gasoline. Insulin is the important thing that opens the door to the cell. If you possibly can’t get insulin into the mind neurons to burn as power, these neurons start to die. Your mind starves to dying regardless of having loads of sugar within the bloodstream.

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). MCT’s are a type of saturated fatty acids that your physique can use as gasoline as an alternative of glucose. In reality, your coronary heart truly prefers fatty acids. Fat is transformed in your liver to fatty acids and ketones—however solely ketones can cross the blood mind barrier by way of the identical biochemical pathways as glucose. Ketones don’t require insulin to enter neurons. Coconut oil permits your liver to make ketones. Coconut oil and MCT oil don’t require digestive enzymes as a result of they go on to the liver for processing. They are used virtually instantly as power and never saved as fats. This facilitates enchancment in cognitive perform and reminiscence, and together with a low carb eating regimen—can enhance weight loss and weight problems. Ketones improve lean physique mass and have been utilized by bodybuilders within the United States. Saturated fat will not be the issue—the mind is 60% fats! Cholesterol is just not the issue—ldl cholesterol is important for each cell within the physique and particularly excessive within the mind. Brain cells should have ldl cholesterol to speak—to launch neurotransmitters and talk on the synapses. Statins medicine block an important enzyme CoQ10 that’s crucial for mobile perform and safety from free radicals. Free radicals trigger getting old and irritation. Free radicals flip your physique from smokin’ scorching to burned out. Why would you ever advocate blocking a vital nutrient like ldl cholesterol? It doesn’t make sense until you’re promoting statin medicine.

In order to seek out the solutions to persistent circumstances, you must look inside. Trust your instinct. Change your weight loss plan and way of life. Try some good oil like coconut. Get a bit sunshine. Breathe Deep.

Trust the “Wild Redeemer.”



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