Challenge Pose: Salamba Sirsasana II

Flip your perspective and get upside-down in Salamba Sirsasana II.

Flip your perspective and get upside-down in Salamba Sirsasana II.

PREVIOUS STEP IN YOGAPEDIA 3 Ways to Prep for Salamba Sirsasana II

Salamba Sirsasana II Sa = With · Alamba = Support · Sirsa = Head · Asana = Pose

Tripod Headstand Benefits 

Strengthens your arms and shoulders; improves digestion; provides you new perspective, and asks you to face your fears

Stay Safe

It’s important to develop higher again, shoulder, and core power previous to trying this pose so you possibly can shield your neck. If you are feeling discomfort in your neck at any level, come down instantly. You ought to by no means transfer by means of ache. Your cervical backbone helps your head and connects it to your trunk. This portion of your backbone has plenty of mobility and adaptability and is vulnerable to damage. In excessive instances, compression of your nerve roots can injury your spinal twine, impair blood circulate, or trigger neurological dysfunction.

If your neck feels inflexible, convey your ft right down to the bottom. Find stability once more, and gently transfer extra weight towards your brow to see if that helps. If the location of your head feels higher, you could have a flatter cervical backbone with much less pure curve. By shifting extra towards your brow, you distribute your weight barely and could possibly take strain off your neck. Again, in case your breath begins to pressure or your really feel ache, it’s time to return down. Any time your head is under your coronary heart, you’re in an inversion, so keep in Prasarita Padottanasana for comparable advantages. 

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