Antibiotic Reduction – EW Nutrition launches new website

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Antibiotic Reduction – EW Nutrition launches new website

11 January 2018

EW Nutrition invitations guests to go to their website and discover the subject of antibiotic discount within the context of animal welfare and efficiency. Briefly introduced details, editorial content material and feed options will inform you about this necessary subject.

The plan is to replace the knowledge platform on a steady foundation with background info, newest findings and scientific outcomes. The website gives complete info in a structured means that’s straightforward to know.


Dr Heinrich Kleine Klausing

“We are striving to present more than only product information” defined Dr. Heinrich Kleine Klausing, “as we must bring down the volumes of non-curative antibiotic treatment in animal production. It is a matter of fact that, every time antibiotics are used, we increase the risk of developing resistance.”

One clear level within the firm imaginative and prescient of EW Nutrition is the discount of antibiotic utilization in animal husbandry. It may be achieved with many merchandise within the precise portfolio as properly within the improvement pipeline of future improvements.


Daniel Tepe

“There are many points that animal producers have to consider to reduce all applications of antibiotic treatment. Things like hygiene control, farm construction and also, of course, nutrition”, said Daniel Tepe, Managing Director of Business Development and R&D.

“Over the last number of years, we’ve put in a lot of effort, knowledge and for sure investment into identifying solutions for animals that can increase gut health. Our area of expertise at EW Nutrition is animal nutrition and husbandry and a balanced gut and optimal digestion are key to animal welfare and, of course, performance”, he concluded.


As reported by EW Nutrition.

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