Amy Ippoliti Celebrates World Oceans Day with SUP Yoga at Misool Eco Resort


It’s World Oceans Day! To rejoice, yoga instructor Amy Ippoliti and photographer, yoga instructor, and conservationist Taro Smith are highlighting considered one of nature’s uncommon success tales: Misool Eco Resort and Misool Foundation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

The space’s pristine reefs within the coronary heart of the coral triangle have been devastated by the damaging practices of fisherman capturing sharks for the shark fin commerce, using cyanide fishing, dynamite fishing, manta gill-raker harvesting, consumption of sea turtles, and extra.

A former shark-finning camp, Misool Eco Resort was based over a decade in the past by Andrew and Marit Miners for the needs of remodeling the world right into a marine protect and consequently, is now teeming with wildlife.

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Their years of onerous work leasing the fishing rights of the world, establishing a basis to determine ranger patrols, and persevering by means of the fixed logistical challenges of operating an operation in a distant a part of the world resulted within the transformation of the world. Misool Resort and Misool Foundation stand as one of many few examples of how shark, fish, and reefs can truly rebound as an alternative of degenerate.

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