A new era of Yoga

Yoga treats and maintains not solely our bodily health however our psychological health too. In at the moment’s rat race for amassing bodily possessions, man has not solely harmed his physique but in addition his psychological health as nicely. Consequently, whereas earlier, emphasis in medical career was upon communicable and non-communicable illnesses immediately, the emphasis is upon psychological health issues. That’s the place Yoga assumes the most important position.

Yoga brings us near nature by way of pure methods to maintain us match bodily and mentally. Fortunately, Yoga has just lately turn into a style, it’s acquired widespread. To say that there’s a flood lately of yoga centres all through the world, wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Yoga brings us near nature by way of pure methods to maintain us match bodily and mentally.

Fortunately, Yoga has lately grow to be a style, it’s received well-liked. To say that there’s a flood today of yoga centres all through the world, wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

However, being a daily practitioner of Yoga myself for the previous twenty years, I’m of the opinion that in view of the fashionable bodily remedy (physiotherapy) that has advanced out of super researches into our musculoskeletel, and physiological techniques, a new sort of Yoga, a extra refined, a extra scientific, a extra beneficial, a extra useful, and a extra practicable type of Yoga or the Yogasans that I name as Yoga-Physio must be advanced and adopted. In reality, there’s an pressing want to try this as individuals have no idea what, when and the way yogasans or Yoga exercises must be practiced or needn’t be practiced. Moreover, that may amply make clear the true medical basis of the Yoga-Physio remedy.

Moreover, there have to be particular, Yogasans or Yoga exercises for various classes of age teams, tailor-made to their physique necessities. All age teams of individuals cannot be equated and should not be equated from that time of view. Yogasans or Yoga exercises appropriate for youngsters have to be segregated from these appropriate for kids and equally, Yogasans or Yoga exercises for kids have to be segregated from these to be adopted by senior residents. Then even amongst numerous classes of individuals, additionally it is essential to see who should and who amongst these affected by some illnesses should not apply sure Yogasans. Although Yogasan can enhance our cardiovascular system, there are Yogasans like Sheershas an (Headstand)and Kapal bhati and so on that would show dangerous to individuals affected by unstable angina, coronary heart palpitations, excessive BP, retinal degeneration, glaucoma and cervical issues amongst others.

I recommend that a world workforce comprising of properly educated senior bodily therapists (physiotherapists) and orthopedicians (solely those that know bodily remedy very properly) ought to body a new course referred to as Yoga-Physio or Physio-Yoga combining Yogasans with the fashionable bodily remedy as per the necessities of all classes of individuals I’ve talked about- youngsters, kids, senior residents and tremendous senior residents. That course may be spanned over a pair of years for candidates with an satisfactory medical background say after 10+2 degree (Indian schooling system) or two years after A-level (the western schooling system). That must be the essential criterion for such a course that might generate the absolutely educated Yoga-Physio therapists in big numbers to take care of the world health.

Yoga-Physio (or Physio-Yoga) is an excellent pure method of nice bodily and physiological significance. There is not any level in not following a way that would hold our physique that we put to our use round the clock match on a regular basis. We would solely be referred to as naive if we ignore such a miraculous pure remedy. Yogasans inculcate in us a way of nicely being, a sense of tranquility. Yogasans are stress busters as properly. An exhausting and repetitive way of life leaves no time for rest or enjoyment. Too a lot work causes psychological stress, apart from hurting our bodily health, too. Prevention of a illness is all the time thought-about higher than a remedy. So, why not comply with Yoga? Why not make it an element of our every day actions?

Dr Sharwan Kumar

Dr Sharwan Kumar

Dr Sharwan Kumar is predicated in India the place he has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years.

Dr Sharwan Kumar

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