9 Surprising SUP Yoga Poses | Advanced SUP Yoga Poses

For many people, standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga has come to be synonymous with summer time. After all, it’s a good way to take pleasure in being out on the water and to sneak in some core-challenging yoga poses—to not point out have your Instagram husband snap a wow-worthy photograph when you’re holding Headstand in your board.

If you’re a newbie SUP yoga scholar, you’re possible discovering that working towards yoga on a paddleboard can inform your “land” follow by difficult your stability and serving to you understand the significance of focus. Once you are feeling snug with the basics and you have got a gentle SUP yoga apply, you is perhaps wanting to attempt tougher postures in your board. Enter this sequence, which is full of acquainted postures which have sudden variations.

SUP Yoga Warm-Up

Begin to heat up the hips and shoulders with postures like Child’s Pose, holding the edges (or rails) of 1 aspect of the board after which the opposite. Include a number of vinyasas like Cat/Cow or Downward-Facing Dog to Plank, going with the circulate of the breath coupled with the texture of the water beneath the board. Place your self on this small, personal island-like area, pairing every motion with an extended breath. This shouldn’t be a race. Take your time, not simply to help with stability, mindfully constructing a basis, but in addition to widen your consideration and commune with nature above, round, and under.

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