7 Ways to Add Meaning to Your Day

Start your day in silence or prayer

Start your day in silence or prayer

Start your day in silence or prayer. I’ve a toddler, so I get that this isn’t all the time an choice. We have so many ideas all through the day which are on repeat in our minds. They grow to be mantras, or thoughts tattoos, as I name them. Choose one thing that opens you up slightly than shuts you down, and hold returning to it all through the day. I’m right here. I’m in my physique. I’m sufficient.

Write it out. Ask your self what radical self-care or compassion means to you and journal on it. Get particular. Pick one easy factor to commit to by a rea-sonable time-frame. It might be taking a bubble tub or going to the toilet with out your toddler within the room. Make it tangible.

Dork it out. Check in together with your humorousness. Sing out loud or have a solo dance get together within the automotive or do Tree Pose together with your eyes closed and see for those who can giggle at your self for those who fall.

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