6 Steps for Teaching Headstand Safely


Often known as the king of yoga postures, Sirsasana I (Headstand) is usually a refreshing and energizing inversion that, when practiced persistently, builds power within the higher physique and core. For years, the posture has been praised for offering bodily advantages—nevertheless it’s additionally been criticized for exposing the top and neck to weight that would trigger damage. In reality, in some yoga communities, Headstand has utterly misplaced its place on the throne, and it has even been banned in some studios.

In conventional yoga practices, Headstand is an inverted posture taught in seven totally different varieties. In the variation we’ll take a look at right here, the bottom of help is the highest of the cranium. To get into the pose, come to your knees, place your forearms on the ground, and clasp your arms, positioning your elbows shoulder-width aside (creating an inverted V from clasped arms to your elbows). Find the ground with the crown of your head, and cradle the again of your head together with your clasped palms. Engage your higher physique as you press your elbows and wrists into the ground, and raise your shoulders. Once you determine this secure base, raise your legs off the ground till your physique is inverted and erect, balancing in your head and forearms.

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