5 Ways to Be a Better Partner (Plus, a Meditation for Coping With Conflict in Your Relationship)


There’s no playbook for dealing with the highs and lows of relationships, however there are some instruments to provide help to navigate these extremes and perhaps even be a higher companion when you’re at it. Here, Yoga Journal’s June cowl mannequin Chrissy Carter shares her 5 greatest tips for being your greatest you in your relationship, together with a guided meditation from our app companion, Meditation Studio, to provide help to discover the calm in battle.

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5 Ways to Be a Better Partner

1. See and Accept Your Partner for Who They Really Are

“I think the single most valuable lesson I’ve learned from being in a relationship is the importance of seeing and accepting your partner for who they are,” Carter says. “So often, consciously or unconsciously, we see our partners for who we want them to be. This discord between projection and reality obstructs clear, honest communication and can perpetuate the beliefs that contribute to our suffering.”

2. Appreciate Your Partner

“I think sincerity of heart, honesty, and a great sense of humor are so important,” Carter shares. “I respect my companion for all the time being a mirror so I can see (whether or not I prefer it or not) my very own patterns and take motion in the direction of constructive change.”

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