5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digestion With Ayurveda | Ayurvedic Diet

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Last yr, I spent every week at an Ayurvedic spa within the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and discovered instantly that in Ayurveda, the standard of your digestion is the most important key to your general health. If your digestive system is operating easily, you’ve received the most effective shot at staving off illness and feeling nice. It’s that straightforward.

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But let’s get actual: If you’re not cocooned within the pretty confines of an Ayurvedic retreat middle or don’t have a level in nutrition, there’s a superb probability you’re taking your digestive system without any consideration. You anticipate it to do its job of turning food into power and neatly disposing of waste effortlessly—but your consuming habits (learn: skipping meals, consuming take-out too typically, snacking continually, and consuming an excessive amount of food general) make it robust for it to get the job achieved. The outcome? Minor digestive woes—assume issues like bloating, fuel, and constipation—that cumulatively influence our health in huge methods.

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