5 Reasons Basic Physics Says It’s Never Wise to Jump Back to Plank Pose

Warning: This article accommodates extra physics than we’ve seen since highschool. But yoga instructor Leah Sugerman fortunately dove into the science behind the controversial cue—and its safer options. (Yoga nerds, you’re welcome.)


I hear the cue “Jump to Plank Pose” with alarming frequency within the yoga world. Time after time, metropolis after metropolis, studio after studio, academics have instructed me to leap from a Half Standing Forward Bend on the prime of my mat right into a High Plank place—as an alternative of Chaturanga. Many academics will inform you that with correct power and management it’s potential to execute this transition safely. Many others will inform you that it’s unimaginable to bounce again to Plank with anatomical integrity. To truly break it down, not solely the anatomy, but in addition the physics of the transition wants to be thought-about. Take a take a look at what science says about this highly effective motion to decide for your self whether or not it’s a clever choice to supply your college students or your self in yoga apply.

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