5 Electrolyte-Rich Fruits For Optimizing Summer Hydration

5 Fruits That Pack An Electrolyte Punch

Many runners are acquainted with widespread electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals, specifically sodium and potassium, play a task in serving to to take care of fluid stability whereas exercising. Essentially, they permit your muscle mass and nerves to proceed contracting optimally. Since we lose electrolytes together with water in our sweat, we’d like to ensure we’re consuming an satisfactory quantity to remain correctly hydrated.

Having enough electrolytes on board will help forestall dehydration and muscle cramps, in addition to assist in cognitive perform and efficiency. Staying correctly hydrated is much more essential in the summertime months, once we are likely to lose extra water and electrolytes in sweat. Most runners are extra involved with low sodium ranges than with larger ones. Hyponatremia, a dangerously low focus of sodium within the blood, often happens when there’s an extra of water (fluid) in relation to sodium within the physique. Exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) can develop throughout or after bodily exercise (often with regard to intense or endurance-type actions) and may result in critical penalties.

Potassium works with sodium and is particularly acknowledged for its assist in aiding muscle contractions, sustaining blood strain and stopping muscle cramping. The day by day suggestion for potassium consumption is about 4700 milligrams. While many people rush to eat electrolytes by means of sports activities drinks, gels, tabs and different dietary supplements, we frequently overlook that many scrumptious meals include electrolytes, as properly. Furthermore, most of the normal sports activities drinks and power bars might include sodium however lack different essential electrolytes, and can also include undesirable elements or added sugars.

According to this study revealed in Nutrients, hydrating meals can contribute about 20 % of our water consumption. Generally talking, uncooked vegatables and fruits have the very best water content material amongst all meals, and lots of supply small electrolyte content material, as nicely. As an extra bonus, these meals additionally supply carbohydrates, that are important for restoration and replenishing misplaced muscle glycogen shops—offering much more cause to get your 5 servings every day.

While there’s nobody magic food, including quite a lot of electrolyte-rich meals to your food plan all through the day will help with hydration, restoration and efficiency. Here are a few of our favourite in-season summer time meals that you could be discover at your native farmer’s market and may add to your meals and snacks to assist enhance your electrolyte ranges.


Strawberries are recognized for his or her antioxidant vitamin C content material, however additionally they include potassium. One serving of strawberries gives about 5 % of your every day potassium wants. Throw them in a smoothie, add them to your oatmeal or simply eat them as-is!


Tart cherries are useful to runners for a lot of causes. While there’s rising analysis about their position in reducing muscle pain, irritation and enhancing restoration, tart cherries are additionally a supply of many important vitamins and electrolytes. One cup of cherries provides between 270 and 300mg of potassium, in addition to small quantities of calcium, magnesium and sodium.  


Runners’ beloved bananas are a fantastic supply of potassium, providing 422mg per medium-sized banana along with small quantities of magnesium. Add some salted peanut butter or salted nuts to your post-workout banana snack to extend your sodium content material, increase your hydration and hasten your restoration.


Tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples and apricots are additionally very excessive in vitamin C, antioxidants and electrolytes. One cup of diced mango presents almost 7 % of your every day potassium wants, in addition to small quantities of magnesium. Try throwing it in a smoothie with some milk or yogurt so as to add additional electrolytes to your post-workout gasoline.


While watermelon could also be 92 % water, this fruit additionally presents some potassium to battle muscle cramps, in addition to antioxidants like nutritional vitamins A and C. Add some salt to concurrently improve the juiciness and improve your sodium ranges.

Sarah Schlichter is a registered dietitian and marathon runner based mostly in Charlotte, N.C. She works as a nutrition advisor and in personal apply, the place she writes the weblog, Bucket List Tummy, sharing nutrition posts, healthy recipes, operating tips and every thing on her bucket listing.


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